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WoxcutBot aims to provide a comprehensive and complete solution for your trading need. You can get realtime data over multiple exchanges, execute trade orders manually, or run bot instances. You can choose from a list of custom-crafted strategies, or venture forth, and make your own, using our strategy builder. Backtest to your strategies, to find their effectiveness, and stay ahead of the market.


Live Market

Woxcut provides live realtime streams from exchanges you want. Allow you to view it from a single place.

Trade Bots

The Trade Bots can help you automate your coin trading, and maximize your profit. The bots can trade on predefined strategies, to make most out of the market.



Strategy Creation

We provide an intuitive, easy to use, strategy building tool. This can help you create your own strategy, using a variety of indicators. You can use these strategies on your bots, to automate any form of trade.


We support trading in 20 most popular exchanges, and you can have centralised dashboard and trading setup, with your transaction history, all in one place



We have different packages based on your need. Our pricing structure would be available shortly. However you can apply for Early Bird Access, and get a chance to experience it, once it goes live


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